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22, Boogschutter
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Lengte160cm – 170cm
Gewicht46 - 55 kg
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I want to give you satisfaction and want you to come back for more.
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My hobbies

I have a passion for food, excellent wines, champagne and cozy restaurants. Music has been and is a central part of my life.

As a good sybarite, apart from having a deep weakness in all culinary subjects, I adore watching an insightful documentary or movie, having an all eras-historical conversation, going to the theater, all kind of museums, cultural events, festivals and concerts!

Bedales Memorial Library in Hampshire, England was designed by Ernest Gimson and is one of the most famous examples of Arts and Crafts movement architecture in Britain.  #architecture #library #artsandcraftsmovement #hampshire #england   GUYS GUYS HUYSSSSKSLANSKSNSJSKS IM GOING TO A TWENTY ONE PILOTS CONCERT WOTH ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS @oopsbands AND I GOT FLOOR SEAT!!!!!!!! KM SIX ROWS FROM THE STAGE IM IM IM IMIMIMEHSISBAJSNSJAJBSKANAKSB



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Don't be misled by my pretty appearance, I'm very mischievous! I bet you have never seen a first-rate striptease – but I'll show you what passionate undressing actually means! 

I'm a great listener and easily find common ground with just anyone.

I guess that's one of the reasons why I enjoy group and public chats so much! The more men, the better! I love watching they caress themselves and being watched and spoiled. 

Ideal man for me!

Smart men with sense of humor are sooo attractive to me!

Besides the intellect, I am also attracted to men with a strong personality. That means: confidence, ability to overcome hardships by remaining optimistic, being able to laugh even if life throws difficulties to your face, creative approach to life problems, being able to care about and be compassionate to people in your life who are less smart, less fortunate. Men who are generous to themselves and others, both emotionally and financially. Men who are not afraid to take a risk and surrender their heart to a woman - “commitment issues” are a major sign that I am basically just dealing with a pussy.

kattiecutie Ideal man for me! custom pic 1 kattiecutie Ideal man for me! custom pic 2

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Favorite perfume

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent // Gewinnspiel

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent

Smells like subtle fresh fruits, teamed with creamy amber and woody base notes.