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25, Ram
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Good morning angel... ???? Cheers ???? sweet for sweet Одобрено минздравом Со светлым праздником! Strawberries
Champagne for you “One hand can’t clap, but it can hold a cup of coffee”. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy new year sweetheart 

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Cherry Cola Lipstick Happy chocolate muffin
Valentines chocolate Сhocolate bar Cosmopolitan cocktail Latte for you flower for my pretty flower.. love baby.. Flowers for you too, my beautiful flower..
For you dear, it's late.. for you precious angel... A cherry coke for you baby.. enjoy.. More flowers for you dear... too much are never enough Godiva for my best girl..
I am here baby....
For you my dear...many many more..
3 cups of coffee baby. i am all yours))) .. you must be... whats up, baby? tell me.. Baby and take care..... LOVE   LOVE   LOVE
для коллекции I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows. 
I am who I am from my head to my toes. 
I tend to get loud when speaking my mind. 
Even a little crazy some of the time. 
But be certain I am here for you, dear..nothing or no one ever made me see so clear...

Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you,
Scared of these feelings because it's still new
I catch myself thinking of the best way to share,
Hoping you'll return my confession showing you care
And then I catch myself again... and drag my thoughts back to square one..
 I swear I would never do this
But this is YOU, and you aren't like anyone I have met
How much longer do I have to write, can I tell you yet?
When I come back from my thoughts I feel more secure
But then I sleep... and the dreams of you occur

to a beautiful lady who has captured my heart with her beautiful smile. kisses love Steve something special for a very special lady in my life on her special day. Viki I love you kisses Steve I am the strawberry & you are the cream let me lie in your bosom so you can melt around me...
I Just Want You To Be Happy! :* С прошедшей Пасхой, радость моя! I am coming to you baby...soon you will be with just me... Today i pressed the LOVE button 50 times.. 
I JUST MISSED YOU :* Please my beautiful Another kitty for you baby...
Я расставляю закладки И нумерую пункты - Любишь ли ты сладкое? Веришь ли в судьбу ты? Смотришь балет по "культуре" Или все же футбол? Знаешь ли, с кем-то флиртуя, Как я из-за этого зол? Что пожимаешь плечи? В мире пустом и зыбком Знаешь насколько легче Мне от твоей улыбки? Так и не сплю, гадая Между своих же строчек. Красавица молодая Мне помогать не хочет... To keep rick company Lipstick I MISSED YOU ♥ I LOVE YOU ♥ you asked me to make a latte for you.. well.. this is for you :) with million kisses :*
I love you and your cat .... Bouquet of Roses Bear Bouquet of pink roses Royal dog Stunning girl
Сute kitten Queen crown for you my sweet Bear Bouquet of Roses

Belangrijke details van _SWEEETY_

Seksuele voorkeurHetero
Lengte170cm – 175cm
Gewicht46 - 55 kg
TalenRussisch, Engels
Wat maakt me geil
Gentleman who make my smile :)Keep the conversation going.
Over mij
Sensitive and passionate. I am always glad to have chat with you...
Wat vind ik een afknapper
Rude and greedy

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Шмель, спасибо что ты есть....

uanka Lovely flowers custom pic 1

Спасибо за приятные подарки Smell ;)

Thnak you BigBoyMoscaw

Сказочные подарки от Shmel666. Guy who make me smile ;)

Коллекция Thomas Sabo собрана:** Благодаря моему Shmell6

Подарочек от Shmell

Thomas Sabo - мечта исполнилась благодаря Shemell ...

Thank you Rick

my victory

My TOP guys

Flowers thank you my SuperLover :))

Thank you dear Khalid :)

Khalid, Thank you very much

Thank you cute guy :з

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Everyone has two eyes, But no one has the same view...
"No one can see what I see in you.... 😍"
Everything could be changed to good or bad, but the thing we are love and care about will be for ever in our heart ❤️ And nothing can change that.
Sorry, I get lost in your eyes...

Again... ❤️
My heart ❤ is perfect because you are inside.
╚══`.¸.YOU VIKA ♡♡♡
I choose you without hesitation, You are my choice.. yesterday, today and tomorrow 🌸


░░╙─╜░░╙─────╜░╙─────╜ Vika
People say :
Never expect anything in return from anyone.

But the truth is when we really love someone, we naturally expect a little care and love from them... ❤
Sleepy at 10 pm but, sleeping at 3 am !

Things we do for love. ❤️
Обворожительная красавица!
Thank you MAXTOO and LUC for two bottle of my favorite perfume!

18_plus Thank you for a second bottle of my favorite perfume! custom pic 1

Thank u dear Ari. My first present on bonga ;)

18_plus Thank u dear Ari custom pic 1

Who wanna to be with me in prvt 255 hours=))))))))

uanka Who wanna to be with me in prvt 255 hours=)))))))) custom pic 1

Thnak you Tricky

Моя любимая Pandora от любимого Shmell :)

Розы от Shell.....


Make me happy with vibro toy

   1-9 tok=1 sec low. 10-29=3 sec medium. 30-49=6 sec high. 50-99 tok=15 sec high. 100-224=25 sec ultra high. 400 tok=60 sec wave pattern. 500 tok=80 pulse pattern. 600 tok=100 sec earthquake

Khalid thank you so much! :)

Thank u

Thank you Shmell :)

Khalid thank you very much for cute necklaces and earrings...